Storage Unit Insurance: What You Need to Know

February 2018

Whether you have been in-between homes or needed storage for unused items, chances are you have rented a storage unit. Storage unit rentals make it easy to store items whenever you need to. Simply pay a monthly rate, place your items in a safe place and access your belongings whenever you like. Storage units are typically rented on a monthly basis and can be found in various sizes.  However, what happens when you have to store your items for an extended period of time? Who is responsible and how do you ensure that your items are insured?

Storage Coverage

Facilities that provide storage options are the responsible party when it comes to the building and unit security. They are not generally responsible for the contents of your storage unit. An example of this would be if a fire broke out within the facility. The loss of contents in the unit would be the responsibility of the renter and not the storage facility.

Because you are responsible, you want to ensure that your items in storage are safe. Storage insurance is an option for you that will offer replacement cost coverage if something were to happen to your belongings in the storage facility. There are stand-alone insurance policies that you can access in order to ensure your items are covered. This option works well for when you are temporarily storing items or when you need to store possessions for an extended period of time.

You will find policies will range in time frames of one month to as many as twelve months. You also can choose to extend or renew your insurance with content values usually ranging in price from $5,000 to $800,000 depending on what you are storing. In the rare instance, you have to file a claim for an item in your storage unit, the storage contents policy will prevent your home insurance premium from changing since the policies, and thus premiums, are separate.

Selecting a Storage Facility

When you do decide to store your belongings in a facility, it is important to choose a quality company. Look for security features, the location of the storage unit, maintenance, climate control, user reviews and office hours. Find a company that is highly rated so that you can rest easy knowing your items are protected.

Total Storage is an optimal choice for your storage needs.  As part of our commitment to protecting your goods, our facility offers contents insurance to all new customers up to $5000, regardless of your length of use.  Insurance coverage for your storage unit can be purchased for as little as $2-$3 per month!  Easily store your personal items with confidence when working with Total Storage.

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Monique Lariviere
Monique Lariviere

5 out of 5 stars

posted 11 months ago

Friendly service, clean lockers, very secure. I would definitely use them again.

Shane Mularchuk
Shane Mularchuk

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We moved back to Winnipeg from overseas and looked into a number of storage facilities and chose Total Storage, which resulted in a very satisfied decision without any regrets on any level. Our phone calls, as well as emails, were always answered promptly and efficiently. The owner and office staffs' assistance was very helpful, professional and appreciated throughout our experience from moving back to Winnipeg.
Not only will we utilise the Total Storage facility again and again as required, we continue to recommend their operation to others who have also been entirely satisfied with Total Storage facilities and staff.
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Optimus Primitive

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We were in Winnipeg for an 8 month contract last year and used Total Storage, and have no complaints at all. The service was great, and it was very clean. everything went as expected with no issues at all. I would recommend here to anyone looking for a storage place in a good location.