Storage and the 4Ds of Life (Death)

March 2017

We'll get through this togetherThis is the beginning a four-part series that talks about item storage during different major phases of life.

The first phase is about dealing with storing memories and property after a loved one passes away. It can be difficult to go through all of the belongings in the short time you have available to you, requiring you to either bring all of the items home until you can sort through them all, or find alternative arrangements. Instead of cluttering up your home with furniture, boxes, mementos, and piles of things to go through, you may want to consider storing the items so you can go through them at your leisure.

Turning to Storage Facilities Allows You to Take Your Time

Chances are, your loved one is going to have quite a few items in their possession when they pass away. If you only have one box of items to go through, then it shouldn’t take up much space, but this instance is quite rare. Typically, you will have numerous rooms of items to go through. This means finding places for bedroom sets, living room furniture, chairs, tables, lamps, and potentially much more.

You could bring all of those items home and put them in your garage, basement, or wherever you have room. However, that is incredibly disrupting to your life, and leaves you in a position where grieving must be combined with sorting through all of these items. By turning to a storage facility, you can rent a space just as large as you need, and only for as long as you need it. Instead of being forced to sort through these items each spare moment of the day while also grieving your loss, you can go to the storage unit, grab a few items, and go through them as you have the ability.

Rushing Through Grieving is Not Good for You

There are multiple stages of grief, and rushing through them means you are leaving some of the stages unfinished. This means that the process will remain incomplete, and it could leave you open to problems down the line when it comes to processing your loss, or the loss of another loved one. Instead, you need to take however long it needs to take to go through the process organically.

By allowing a trusted storage facility to hold your things during your time of grief, you are able to take your time and enjoy the process of reliving those memories. To find out more, call Total Storage today, and see how they can help you during this process.

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