Prepare your Snowmobile for Summer Storage

April 2018

Prepare your Snowmobile for Summer StorageOnce winter is over, spring arrives, and summer is right around the corner. Any tools or machinery used in the winter months will need to be stored. If you enjoy using a snowmobile for fun or work around the home, it’s likely time to put the machine to rest for the summer (if you haven’t already!). Knowing the right way to prepare your snowmobile for summer storage will ensure it’s ready to function when winter arrives once again.

Cleaning the Snowmobile

The first step you need to take is to wash and wax your snowmobile. As the snow begins to melt, a snowmobile can easily get dirty with mud, plus any road salt that may be present. You want to clean your unit before you store the snowmobile so that you do not have any corrosion of the parts or paint. Use warm soapy water with a sponge to ensure the snowmobile is clean before it’s placed in storage.


The next step is to keep the fuel system of the snowmobile properly maintained. For a fuel-injected system, fill the tank and then use a fuel stabiliser to prevent the breakdown of gasoline solvents. If the solvents break down, it can create corrosion within the carburettor. Run the engine for a short time before the sled is stored for maximum efficiency.

Prevent Rust

A snowmobile can be subject to rusting so taking preventative measures is key. Add grease to any areas where grease fittings exist. Use a lightweight oil like WD-40 to grease nuts, bolts, suspension rails, etc. After storing, use a degreaser to remove any oily residue before going for a ride.

Removing the Battery

The battery of your snowmobile needs to be removed and stored in an area where the temperature can be controlled. If you are using a storage unit with climate control, the battery can remain in place. If not, be sure to remove the battery and then charge it once a month with a small charger to keep it in good condition.

One of the best ways to store a snowmobile is to use a storage unit. With climate control and security measures in place, you are easily able to store your vehicle safely; and because you’ve already done the proper prep, once winter arrives, you’re ready to get on the trails sooner. With climate controlled storage, like what is provided by Total Storage, your snowmobile will remain safe, and in excellent condition.

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