How To Find Our Online Storage Unit Auctions

August 2018

Storage Wars - How to Find Our Online Storage Unit Auctions - Total Storage WinnipegStorage units are used across Canada as a way to provide a solution for individuals who need to store items such as furniture and clothing. When an individual does not have enough room within their home to store their belongings, a storage unit can come in quite handy. The user then pays a monthly fee to ensure their items are stored. However, in situations where the payment is not made and the account goes into default, eventually, an auction will occur with the belongings inside. Popularized by reality television shows such as A&E’s “Storage Wars” and Spike’s “Auction Hunters”, if you are interested in going to storage unit auctions, the first step is to learn how to find auctions in your area.

Find Online Storage Unit Auctions – Contacting Local Storage Facilities

To get started, you can look up local storage facilities in your area and find out their process for hosting auctions. While some storage facilities might post an upcoming auction online, others might place an ad in the local newspaper. By making a list of storage facilities in your area and figuring out how they announce upcoming auctions, you can stay on top of any auctions that will take place near your home. Once you have a schedule of storage unit auctions, you can attend!

Find Online Storage Unit Auctions – Attending an Auction

If you are attending an auction for the first time, it is important to note that you will need to have cash on hand. Most storage facilities want their bidders to pay cash for what they win. The expectation is for you to pay up once the auction has been won. It can be beneficial to go to an auction just to watch for the first time. This will give you an idea as to how the bidding process takes place and to see how many people are attending.  Even if you do not bid, having the experience of going to a storage unit auction will be useful when you partake.

Find Online Storage Unit Auctions – Online Auctions

Like most things, the Internet has disrupted the way a storage unit auction occurs. Many storage facilities offer online auctions for units that have gone into default. Storage facilities often prefer the online method of hosting a storage unit auction. Because it is online, people can bid in advance if they are busy – increasing the competition. At the same time and it greatly reduces the amount of foot traffic onsite – which can be concerning for actual customers.

An online auction would take place the same way as an on-site auction would, but you don’t have to actually be at the facility to take part.  The benefit of not having to attend in person is two-way – when an auction takes place at a time when you cannot attend. You can find out if a storage facility offers online auctions when you are conducting research on the auction options in your area.

Total Storage’s Online Storage Unit Auctions

Total Storage Winnipeg Website - How to Find Our Online Storage Unit Auctions - Total Storage WinnipegAt Total Storage Winnipeg, we fully believe hosting our storage unit auctions online is the best route. As previously mentioned, it reduces onsite traffic for our customers. However, at Total Storage Winnipeg, we do online storage unit auctions the right way. For each auction held online, you will have the opportunity to watch a clear, comprehensive video outlining the contents of the storage unit for auction. All of our online auctions are listed on our storage unit auction page.

All of our online storage unit auctions are announced through our website. Visit our storage unit auction page to find available auctions and a listing of past auctions. Read the descriptions, watch the video. If the contents in the storage unit pique your interest, simply click the ‘unit number’ placed above the video for the storage unit auction you’re interested in.

If you have any questions about our online storage unit auction process – please feel free to contact us!

How Can I Bid on Online Storage Unit Auctions on your website?

See something you like and want to submit a bid for the storage unit? The process is so easy! We work with an excellent technology partner for online storage unit auctions – Bid13. All of our online storage unit auctions are powered by their easy to use and intuitive website. To place a bid, visit Bid13 Auctions’ auction page, and find the Total Storage unit you want to bid on. Click ‘Bid’ and then either create an account or log-in to your existing account.

Bid13 Online Storage Unit Auction website - How to Find Our Online Storage Unit Auctions - Total Storage WinnipegIf you haven’t created an account before, you will need to go through a short verification process which will involve submitting your phone number and billing information. Once your account is verified, which occurs in a matter of seconds, you can bid and be part of the storage unit auctions in the future. Should your bid be outbid by another user, a notification will be sent to you informing you that you’re no longer the highest bidder. At the end of the auction, the individual with the highest bid will win the storage unit auction.

Besides the robust technology of Bid13’s system, they also have customer-friendly support through multiple different contact channels. If you encounter an issue while trying to win a storage unit auction, you can contact Bid13 by phone, web form or live chat.

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