Declutter Before You Move

November 2017

Young couple moving in into new apartmentOnce you decide to move from your home, the real work begins. No matter how long you have lived in your current residence, you most likely have accrued an abundance of stuff. It can be hard to move everything you own quickly, especially in a short time frame. Once you decide to move, its best to begin the decluttering process. By decluttering your home, there is less to move which makes the process much easier!

Trash It

The first step is to invest in a few large garbage bags and start to remove any trash from the home. Aside from general garbage, we all have belongings that have been shoved in a closet or storage room that can really be thrown away. From old papers to cardboard boxes or torn clothing. Move from room to room and throw away any items that should be trashed and cannot be donated.

Donate, Donate, Donate

Once you have finished gathering the throwaway items, it’s time to donate. When you are moving, it is the perfect time to get rid of items you no longer need or use. We all have ‘stuff’ that we keep but have no use for. Now is the best time to get rid of it because you will have less to move when leaving your home. Go from room to room, making donation piles. You can make a grouping of clothing, toys, household items, etc. Search your local area for women’s shelters, homeless shelters or other organizations that can benefit from your donations and find out how you go about making your donation. Giving back helps others, plus it leaves you with less to move on moving day!

Easily get the kids involved by making the donation process a game. Set up boxes and make it a race to see which child can donate the most toys. Discuss with your kids how other people will benefit from the clothing and toys being donated and how wonderful it is to give back to others.

Store Unused Items

Another way to declutter early is to use a storage unit for unused items. We all have extra furniture, clothing, etc. that are being saved and a storage unit will allow you to store these items without having to fill up your new home. A storage unit can be rented monthly and come in all sizes to help you store a small number of possessions or large amounts. You can easily move the unused items to your storage space, saving you time when moving and helping you to save space in your home.

At Total Storage, you will find ample storage space that can be used to store unused items from your home or help with the overflow as you move to a new space.

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Shane Mularchuk

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We moved back to Winnipeg from overseas and looked into a number of storage facilities and chose Total Storage, which resulted in a very satisfied decision without any regrets on any level. Our phone calls, as well as emails, were always answered promptly and efficiently. The owner and office staffs' assistance was very helpful, professional and appreciated throughout our experience from moving back to Winnipeg.
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