What do people use self-storage for?  

  • Moving – your home or your business location – gives you time to decide what will go where, or to decide what you are going to get rid of if you are moving to a smaller place.
  • Selling your house – scaling down your décor and clutter to avoid turning potential buyers away.
  • Renovating or re-decorating your business or home – your stuff is in the way or might get paint on it.
  • Garage/basement – you would like to use your garage for the car or your basement for a rec room.
  • Spare room – it has turned into a storage room for out-of-season clothing and Christmas supplies, instead of a useable room.
  • Summer break – you are home from the dorm for summer and you need to put your stuff somewhere for next year.
  • Military service – you are going overseas and not keeping your apartment while you’re gone.
  • Inheritance – things that were left to you in a will and you don’t know what to do with them yet, or items that are in probate.
  • Furniture – an antique armoire or comfy sofa that you don’t have a place for right now, but you can’t let it go.
  • Appliances – something you have replaced but would prefer to find a new home for rather than letting the garbage truck eat it.
  • Other seasonal items – motorcycle, patio furniture, equipment for camping, skiing, mountain climbing, living with snow, boating, gardening, car maintenance supplies (non-flammable).
  • Sports equipment – for your recreational hockey team or your kids’ next game season.
  • Electronics – stereo or video equipment that you might need again someday.
  • Books, vinyl records, audio cassettes – the ones you can’t throw away, especially your mixed tapes (records and cassettes are making a comeback).
  • VHS and camcorder tapes – you might have time to digitize them someday.
  • Emotional items – letters and postcards, diaries, photo albums, a lava lamp, 8mm family movies and the player to watch them on, a collection of Red Rose Tea bunnies, tour t-shirts and posters.
  • Personal files – tax documents, the manuscript you plan to finish someday, leases, deeds, insurance documents.
  • Business storage – client files, archival records, seasonal inventory, samples, promo materials
  • Brewing equipment – when you’re not using it (but you should be using it).
  • Things you are selling online – a beautiful rug, a painting, a stack of barn-wood planks, kids’ toys (keeps it out of your way and you won’t have strangers coming to your house to buy it).
  • Contractor equipment – air compressor for your nail gun, table saw, thickness planer.
  • Renovation materials – flooring, a claw foot bathtub, outdoor decking that you got on sale or from a friend, painting equipment.
  • Musical instruments – guitars, drums, keyboards, kazoos, accordions, amps, pedals.

What should not go into storage? 

  • Illegal firearms and ammunition.
  • Legally owned firearms that are loaded and unlocked.
  • Explosives.
  • Anything stolen or smuggled.
  • Illegal drugs.
  • Hazardous or toxic chemicals.
  • Flammable substances (kerosene, gasoline, aerosol cans, some paints).
  • Anything that will attract pests (such as food).
  • Animals alive or dead (puppy mill, taxidermy).
  • Humans alive or dead.
  • Cash or anything else worth a lot of money.
  • Anything that will fall apart or rot.

What items need a climate controlled storage unit?

Anything that can be damaged by excessive heat, cold, damp, mold, or mildew:

  • Pictures, documents, books.
  • Electronics.
  • Antiques.
  • Leather or fabric items.
  • Things made of wood.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Art.
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