Why Choose Temperature Controlled Storage Units?

August 2016

Modern Digital Thermostat - Total Storage Self Storage - Storage WinnipegTemperature controlled storage units (or climate controlled storage units) are becoming more widely available to those that want to protect their sensitive items. Additionally, not many people understand the benefits that come from using one of these storage units or why they might want to. By understanding the benefits, more users can protect their items while also feeling more confident about storing with the company.

What is a Temperature Controlled Storage Unit?

A temperature controlled storage unit is a unit that is much like a normal one. However, the difference is that the temperature inside the unit stays a constant comfortable temperature throughout the entire year. The outside weather elements do not affect the temperature inside the unit like they would for other types of normal units.

What Can You Store in a Temperature Controlled Unit?

There are numerous items that can be stored within these units. Depending on your unique storage needs, you may find that these can provide a safe place to store your sensitive items until you need them again. Here are just a few examples:

  • Pictures and important documents
  • Electronics of all kinds
  • Antiques or older items
  • Medical supplies or pharmaceuticals
  • Anything leather
  • Anything that is prone to getting mold or mildew such as fabric
  • Special collections
  • Wooden furniture
  • Instruments and artwork

Why You’d Want to Use a Temperature Controlled Unit?

There are many reasons why you’d want to use a climate controlled unit, but one of the biggest is that you want to protect the items you’re placing inside it. If you place photos and important documents in another unit that may become damp, this can ruin the integrity of these paper items. Additionally, the same is true for wood and cloth items. Mold and mildew can become a problem if the unit is too hot or too cold, making it difficult to store anything safely within the unit if it is not climate controlled. Protecting your items should be the first concern on your mind when renting a storage unit from a company.

In short, it can be very beneficial to those that want to store their items, while keeping them safe. Not only that, but some items should not be introduced to the extreme heat or cold that might come with the outside temperatures. These units tend to cost more, but the price is minimal compared to the damage that can be done on the items that are left in a unit that is not temperature controlled.

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