The Top 10 Weirdest Things to Come Out of a Storage Unit Ever

October 2017

The Top 10 Weirdest Things to Come Out of a Storage Unit EverA storage unit is often used by individuals to store unwanted belongings or priceless treasures. You never know what might be hiding in a storage building and this is why storage unit auctions are becoming so popular. It can be quite exciting to bid on a unit and win, then get to work digging through the items to see what treasure you might find.

Sometimes units are filled with old clothes and trash, but other times, unique antiques and memorabilia can be found inside. There are various reports of odd and unusual items being found in storage units, a few of which we will list below. Read on to see what unusual items were found hidden away in storage units.

An Amputated Leg

One storage hunter purchased a unit in 2007 and was able to reveal an amputated human leg. The leg was located in a smoker of all places and was quite the odd find. Apparently, the former owner of the unit had lost his leg after a plane crash and kept the leg in his unit so he could be buried with it when he died.

NASA Rocket and Countdown Clock

Another unique find came in 2011 during the Auction Hunters show of Spike TV. A locker included a NASA rocket and countdown clock. Not something you expect to find in a standard storage locker!

First Superman Comic

It is not uncommon for comic book items to be found in storage units as those articles are highly collectable. However, it is uncommon to find rare items like the first edition of a comic book. In 2011, it was reported that a man had purchased a storage unit in San Fernando Valley and came across the first Superman Comic, an Action Comics No. 1. The comic was stolen from Nick Cage in 2000 after the actor purchased it for $1 million in 1995.

Empty Lock Boxes

Lockboxes are often used to store valuables, so it is no surprise to find one in a storage unit. However, the majority of lockboxes found in storage rooms are empty which is quite odd!

Live Hand Grenade

A man from Michigan reportedly found a live hand grenade in a storage unit. The bomb squad had to be called to remove the grenade safely.

Jackson Legacy

A storage unit said to be owned by Joe Jackson, the infamous father of Michael Jackson, was found to have 250 original songs by the pop star.

Aretha Franklin clothing

After a fire, singer Aretha Franklin used a Michigan storage building to house her clothing. After stopping payment, the clothing was auctioned off to the highest bidder.


One of the most infamous movies to hit the big screen is one titled Deliverance, starring Burt Reynolds. Mr Reynolds decided to keep the canoe from the 1972 movie, and it ended up in a storage building, found among several other odd keepsakes.


A man from San Jose purchased a locker and found a ton of gold coins, silver ingots and rare coins that totalled more than $500,000 in value. All of this was purchased for just $1,100!

Beach Boys Music

Just a few years ago, a blind auction took place where a Florida radio station bought documents and papers that ended up belonging to the Beach Boys. Original lyrics, royalty checks and the like were inside. After a long battle, the lot ended up selling at another auction for $10 million!

All of this is just an example of what you can find in storage units.  Check out our Auctions section for upcoming events, maybe you’ll find something to add to this list!

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