Storage and the 4Ds of Life (Dislocation)

May 2017

Storage and the 4Ds of Life (Dislocation)In the third installment of this 4-part series, we discuss the trials and tribulations that come along with dislocation. This is when you are no longer able to stay at your current residence. There are many different reasons this may occur. However, no matter what the reason, finding a place for all of your things is an important piece to the puzzle. You have a few options, some of which will work better than others.

You Can Leave Extra Belongings with Friends and Family

This may be the least expensive option, but it is also the option that has the most potential for problems. Consider this. You can only take half of what you own to your new place. That means you split up the other half between a handful of people who have offered to help. When you need something in storage, it can be difficult to find what you need. Granted, you may be ultra-organized and have a list of who has each particular item, but chances are if you faced a dislocation, your time was rushed, and this was not an option.

You Can Sell Off Extra Items

By selling off extra items, you have the possibility of making a bit of money to help with the relocation fees. However, that means that you are without some of the items you may need again down the road. If you already put your hard-earned money towards something, why pay for it twice if you don’t have to? You aren’t likely to get full price for anything you sell unless you got it at a steep discount. In which case, by selling items now and rebuying them later, you are losing money overall.

You Can Opt for a Storage Unit

This is probably the best option when you are facing a dislocation. You can have access to everything you own, any time you need it. The unit you rent only has to be big enough to hold your stuff, meaning you aren’t wasting money on a unit that is far too large. Plus, you get to keep your items for using them again in the future.

Storage units are not expensive investments. They allow you to keep your freedom, and keep everything that matters most to you. If you want help figuring out what storage options are best for you, consider calling Total Storage. We can help you get a storage unit just the size you need, to help during your dislocation, making it less stressful.

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