Quick and Easy Ways to Prevent Holiday Clutter

December 2016

Christmas decorations in a boxWith the holiday season quickly coming upon us all, the clutter that comes with it can also engulf our lives. If you fear this time of year because of how much disorganization and chaos it throws into your home, then know that there are simple things that you can do to keep clutter to a minimum. Here are a few tips to keep clutter down at your home, so you can spend the rest of your time enjoying the holiday.

Pick and Choose Your Decorations Carefully

When you go to decorate your home, pick the decorations that mean the most to you. Then, when you decide which decorations to use, take out items that are currently in your home that would take up the same space. One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is they try and put the holiday decorations in with the rest of their decorations.

Instead, for each decoration you put in, pick something that is similar in size and replace it for the time being. If you put ten things into your living room, take ten things out and package them up to store during the holiday season. Then, when it comes time to take down your decorations, you put your items back and are on your way.

Let Someone Else Use Decorations You Don’t Use

We all get to where we have more decorations than what we can realistically use or put up. This can be due to them being handed down to us, finding more that you’d replaced because you thought they were lost, getting too busy to put up all the decorations you have, or just buying something on the spur of the moment that made you smile.
Either way, when we get to the point of having too many decorations, it is time to cut down on the collection. You can either go online and sell off your extra decorations, or an even better idea may be to donate them to people less fortunate than you are who could use a pick-me-up. Let someone else get a smile from your decorations, that way, your house is not too full of decorations that are always difficult to find homes for.

Keep Extra Holiday Stuff in Storage

One of the best ways to keep your holiday clutter to a minimum is to keep things that are not a constant part of your holiday gatherings in storage. For example, if you are going to a family member’s house for a holiday gathering, put all of the wrapped gifts into large storage bags and store them. That way, when that event comes up, you simply grab that bag and head on over.

You can do this in your basement, but you may chance that the gifts may smell like your basement. A better option may be using a small storage unit, as you can hold your extra decorations prior to donating them, the items you take out of your home for the decorations, and the gifts, all in the same secure location.

If you need to find the perfect, small storage unit to help keep your home uncluttered during the holidays, give Total Storage a call today!

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