Organize Your Garage in 6 Easy Steps

November 2016

Footprint of a carHaving an organized garage makes life a lot easier. Instead of struggling to store things and then find them when you need them, they are there, ready and waiting, right where you left them. If your garage is a cluttered mess, here are six easy steps to help you get your garage back.

1 – Assess Your Garage
The first thing you need to do is take a look around your garage. Look at what you have that you need, and how much stuff you have that you don’t. This can be done before emptying out your garage, or you can assess as you empty the space, but either way, you need to start with a blank canvas.

2 – Separate What You Take Out
As you take things out of the garage, make two distinct areas. One area that will hold the stuff that’s as good as gone, and the other area for things you want to keep. Ideally, you want to match items on the keep side, such as outdoor equipment and camping supplies. It helps when you need to put stuff back.

3 – Create Zones in Your Garage
Figure out where in your garage each grouping of things is going to go. Stuff you need for inside the house should be kept close to the inside door, and stuff that is for out in the yard should be held near the overhead door. Remember, you can use the walls, space between vehicles, and you can hang things from the ceiling!

4 – Get Storage Supplies
Now that you know what you are going to keep, go out and find bins and supplies to hold all of your keep stuff. They should be able to be labeled and fit in the zone you plan to use.

5 – Pack Up Everything and Put It All Away
With the supplies you just got, put all of your keep items away neatly. Put labels on everything, and make sure the labels stick out. That way, you can find what you need when you need it.

6 – Store What Doesn’t Fit In the Garage Elsewhere
If you finally have your neat and tidy garage but found not everything fits back inside, store the other items somewhere safe. Local storage facilities can be a great option for this situation because you are allowed to keep your organized garage without sacrificing your items.

For more information about what storage options you have, contact Total Storage today! We are ready and waiting to help!

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