How to Use Self Storage to Sell Your Home

July 2017

How to Use Self Storage to Sell Your HomeSelling your home can be an exciting and scary time. Perhaps you have lived in your home for more than a decade, and in that time, you have accrued plenty of ‘stuff.’ You will need to declutter your home to be able to show off the square footage of the home to entice potential home buyers. However, how do you declutter a home that you have had for many years? It takes time and effort, plus the help of self-storage units.

Starting the Decluttering Process
When selling a home, personal items must be removed. If you are like most homeowners, you are trying to sell your home first before moving on to your next home purchase. Because of this, you have nowhere to place your personal items while you correctly set up your home for sale. Personal items and clutter must be removed for prospective home buyers to see the full potential of your home. If your home appears cluttered, then individuals will not be interested as they will think there is no room for their own possessions.

To get started, find a self-storage company that offers units where you can place your items. Once you have secured an affordable option for your belongings, you will be ready to begin the cleaning out process. Start in one room and work your way to the next. This will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed at the process.

Have boxes or storage containers on hand where you can place items you wish to throw away, things you want to keep and store, and items you will use in the staging of your home. Staging is when you use basic furnishings and décor that appeals to the masses. So while you will want to store your family photos, you can keep out decorative photos that can help with the staging process.

Storing Your Items
Be sure to pack items in an organized manner so when you need something or purchase a new home, moving on will be a breeze. Place like items in one container and be sure to label each container or box, so you know exactly what is inside. Any breakables should be packaged after being wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap to protect them from breakage.

Once you have stored your items, you know they are secure, and you can focus on staging your home for the best possible look for a quick sale.

When selling your home, consider using Total Storage for all your personal belonging storage needs. Your items will be safe and sound while your home is on the market, avoiding any unwanted clutter in your home that is now up for sale!

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