5 Ways to Pack a Storage Unit

January 2018

10x15 Storage Unit - Total Storage Self-Storage - Winnipeg StorageA storage unit is a perfect way to house items you are no longer using but are not ready to get rid of. Instead of junking up your house with clutter, the ideal solution is renting a storage unit. Your home is organised and clutter-free, while your storage unit makes an excellent home for the items you are not ready to part with. Many times, things need to be stored for a certain amount of time, such as holiday decorations and baby furniture, until they are required. Whatever the case may be, using a storage room is a wise decision. However, the mistake that most people make is not considering how the unit is packed. Packing a storage unit well will ensure that you can find the items you need, when you need them, with no extra work involved! Read on to see how you can successfully pack a storage unit.

Place Everything in Containers/Boxes

When it comes storing items, anything small needs to be placed in a box or plastic container. Storage rooms can quickly become overcrowded when pieces are just strewn about. When you have everything in boxes, you can place similar items together and find what you are looking for, when you need it. Take for example holiday decorations. When you are ready for Christmas, you can easily find all of your holiday décor in boxes or bins marked ‘Christmas’. If you just throw things in the unit, you will be searching all over to find the pieces you need. Organizing like items in boxes and bins saves time and space!

Sort Your Storage room

Another important tip is to sort your storage room. Don’t just throw boxes or bins inside and let them be. Have areas for particular items, so you know where everything is. Perhaps you have a holiday decoration section, a furniture section, etc. By placing items in an order and sorting everything out, you will find your storage room stays nice and neat!

Back in Its Place

When you use items from your storage unit, be sure to put the things back in their place. By resorting your stored items, you will find the storage room stays neat and tidy.

Clean Out from Time to Time

When visiting your storage room, try to clean out from time to time. Look for items you haven’t used in a long time or will never use again. By donating items, you can free up space for more stuff that you actually will use!

Think About What You Are Storing

Take time now and then to think about what you are storing. Every time you plan on taking something to the storage room, think about if you will actually use it again or really need it? Perhaps you can give it away to a family member to use or donate the item. Consider if you need to store the item or if you will be okay parting with it.

At Total Storage, you will have access to plenty of storage space, easily able to store furniture or smaller items. Find a place for your things so you can have room in your home for items you use on a daily basis!

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10x15 Storage Unit - Total Storage Self-Storage - Winnipeg Storage

5 Ways to Pack a Storage Unit

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