5 Places to Hide Valentine’s Day Gifts

January 2017

Gift box in the drawerWith Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you need to be able to get the people you care about something special. For some, a tiny box with a ring or a necklace will be all that’s necessary, while for others, a teddy bear that’s too big to fit through a standard doorway is the preferred gift of choice. No matter what type of gift you get, hiding it until the day is near is important. You don’t want to spoil the surprise! If you need a spot to hide your gift until February 14th, here are a few ideas.

  1. In the Garage
    Very few people will go looking for gifts out in the garage. You can easily hide a small box in a tool box, on a shelf with camping gear, or inside the top of another box you happen to be storing out there. Just make sure you remember where you put it!
  2. In the Least Used Closet of the House
    If there is a closet in one part of your house that is rarely ever looked at, let alone used, that may be a great place to put a Valentine’s Day gift. It can be easily moved around to accommodate small to medium-sized gifts, and it may not even be noticeable that anything got moved!
  3. At the Office
    So long as you and your significant other do not work together, the office may be the ideal storage location. No one is going to be going through your stuff there, so put it in a drawer or a closet in your office, and forget it’s there until a day or two before the holiday.
  4. In Your Trunk
    If your significant other doesn’t go into your vehicle, your trunk may be a safe and secure place to hide a gift. Most sizes of presents will fit in a trunk easily, but make sure you don’t open it to get something out with them in view or it may ruin your surprise.
  5. Rent a Storage Unit for a Month
    If you are in love with one of those people who won’t stop searching until the gift has been found, then think outside the box. Rent a storage unit that can safely hold your gift until Valentine’s Day, and know that you have found the secret to keeping your gift from prying eyes.

No matter what sized gift you end up buying, a storage unit may be the best option for keeping it safe. To find out more, contact Total Storage today!

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